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“ebl – short for European Business Lawyers – is the joint service platform of five European business law firms, enabling them to provide integrated legal solutions for international and domestic clients operating abroad.

“ebl enables us to meet your needs in an integrated way across key jurisdictions in Europe, including when you need assistance in multiple countries. Whether you are setting up a business abroad or your activities lead you into international trade, you will encounter many local peculiarities, which are not solely the result of the applicable law. Our teams of experienced international lawyers will help you take account of the subtle legal and cultural differences you will face.

Our practice, on behalf of clients of many different sizes and types, enables us to provide a high level of technical expertise combined with a pragmatic approach and a high level of responsiveness.

Thanks to this integrated approach, we build long-term relationships with our clients in the markets in which they operate.

« ebl » is active in

Düsseldorf/Wuppertal, Germany
ebl esch&kramer
Mr. Thomas Kramer
London, United-Kingdom
ebl miller rosenfalck
Mr. Steen Rosenfalck
Frankfurt, Germany
ebl factum
Dr. Jürgen Breitenstein
Paris, France
ebl lexington
Mr. Arnaud Demont
Brussels, Belgium
ebl redsky
Mr. Guy Rulkin