Soufian Wielemans


Languages :
Français Anglais

Soufian is a lawyer who graduated in law at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, after completing his bachelor's degree at Saint-Louis University. During his years of study, Soufian was engaged in various projects, including his participation as a regional finalist in the 2018 Hult Prize competition in Toronto. He also co-founded "fiscactu," a platform dedicated to tax-related news articles.

Soufian is passionate about literature, travel, and films. These diverse interests enable him to explore imaginary worlds through the words of writers, discover new cultures and landscapes during his travels, and escape into captivating stories on the big screen. His insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge make him an open-minded and eager explorer.

After completing his master's degree in Brussels, Soufian chose to further his education by enrolling in an Executive Master's program in Tax Management at the Solvay Business School.

His areas of expertise include international tax law, transfer pricing, corporate taxation, and, more broadly, all complex tax aspects of the law.

In July 2023, Soufian joined ebl redsky.